(Russ Beach)
Smiths Falls / Montague Airport

Commercial Pilot License

Minimum Training Requirements:
  • Student must be at least 18 years of age, hold a private pilot license and meet medical category 1 minimum requirements. A category 1 medical certificate can only be issued by an Aviation Medical Examiner approved by Transport Canada.

  • Applicant must obtain not less than 60% in each of four mandatory subject areas of the Transport Canada Commercial Pilot written examination.

  • A minimum of 200 hours of flight time including 100 hours of pilot in command, of which 20 hours must be cross country
    65 hours commercial pilot training including,
    35 hours dual instruction including
    5 hours cross country
    5 hours dual night (including 2 hours cross country)
    20 hours dual instrument time

    30 hours solo flight time including
    25 hours advanced solo with a 300 nm cross country
    5 hours solo night

  • Pass a flight test with a Transport Canada Examiner