(Russ Beach)
Smiths Falls / Montague Airport

Instrument (IFR) Rating

An IFR rating applied to a Private Pilot License permits the pilot to fly with reference to instruments.

Minimum Training Requirements:

A minimum of 50 hours of cross country flight as a Pilot in Command

A minimum of 40* hours of instrument time including,
  • 5 hours dual instrument time
  • 15 hours instrument time with an instructor or an experience pilot with an instrument rating
  • one dual cross country instrument flight of at least 100 nm with approaches to minimums at two different locations

The applicant must obtain not less than 70% in the Transport Canada IFR written examination.

*A maximum of 20 hours of instrument time may be in a Transport Canada certified training simulator. The Smiths Falls Training Unit has an Elite PRO simulator certified by Transport Canada. See Training "Intro & Info" for current rates.