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Smiths Falls / Montague Airport

Training at Smiths Falls / Montague
The flight training unit at Smiths Falls / Montague operates two Cessna 172 aircraft, pictured above, certified for VFR and IFR training. The airport offers a safe and efficient learning environment for flight training. Ground delays and long transits to training areas associated with larger airports are not problem here.

The flight instructors at the Smiths Falls Flying Club have many years of instructing experience gained on a wide variety of aircraft and roles including civil, military, aerobatic, instrument flight and international operations. They will do everything they can to make your training worthwhile and enjoyable.
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Training is conducted during the week and on weekends according to arrangements made between the sudent and instructor.

Video of an actual training experience at Smiths Falls.

Student and Pilot Airplane Rental Rates
Rental solo $122.00/hr wet, $80.00/hr dry
Pilot dual $154.00/hr
Training solo $127 wet
Instructor rate $32

Wet - fuel provided
Dry - renter pays for fuel
It is important to note, when calculating the probable cost of training for the various licenses and ratings, that total flight training times are usually more than the minimum requirments.

Ground School
Ground school at Smiths Falls / Montague is conducted online through PilotTraining.ca.

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