(Russ Beach)
Smiths Falls / Montague Airport

Winter Operations
Tips for safe operation of aircraft in the special conditions of winter flying.

  • Review the CYSH Operations Control Manual (See the menu item under "Flying club Info".)
  • Check NOTAMs for Runway Condition Reports
  • Get and give PIREPs
  • Use of Aero Controls: With snow and ice conditions special care should be taken to maximize the use of the ailerons and rudder . . .
    • when taxiing and during engine run-up.
    • during takeoffs and landings.
  • Minimize the use of brakes.
  • Think winter survival
    • What is in your survival pack?
    • What are the priority of actions to take?
    • Are you and your passengers properly dressed for both flight and forced landings?
  • Always file a Flight Plan or Flight Itinerary. Consider purchasing and using a SPOT tracker.
  • Use Flight Following. You are paying for the service. Use it. If you have an in-flight problem you have IMMEDIATE help on the line.