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Smiths Falls / Montague Airport
Flying Lessons and Flight Training - Ottawa Area and Eastern Ontario
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Smiths Falls Flying Club

100LL (24/7) $1.807 per litre (incl. 13% HST)
Aircraft Parking Fees

Give the Gift of Flight!
An hour in a Cessna 172. Explore the magic! . . .
Coming Events
  • First Monthly Fly-in Breakfast!
    Sun Apr 29/2018 0730 to 1130
  • Air Cadet 585 Squadron Power Familiarization
    May 5/2018
  • Annual SFFC Fly-In Breakfast
    June 3/2018
  • COPA for Kids Flight 100
    June 16/2018
  • Race the Runway
    August 11/2018
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Changes to the Rideau Hall Restricted Area (CYR 538)
From Transport Canada

A reminder about the changes to CYR 538 Rideau Hall Restricted airspace, that took effect December 7th, 2017. The area is now slightly larger and is centered around the Prime Minister’s temporary residence on the Rideau Hall property. Incursion into the restricted area can result in a $750 fine.

Glider Operations at SFFC During April and May - Sharing the Skies Safely

On weekends at CYSH in April and May there will be Air Cadet glider operations conducting right hand circuits, making circuit traffic challenging.

When Air Cadet glider operations are in progress there is no “dead side” of the circuit. (Gliders and tow plane do right circuits). In this instance joining from the dead side of the circuit is potentially dangerous and should be avoided. On these days pilots should join straight into downwind, sufficiently upwind so as not to conflict with traffic in the circuit on upwind and crosswind legs. Of course gliders have traffic priority over powered aircraft.

Read more about safety in the circuit at CYSH.

Book a Plane!

Announcing Monthly Fly-in Breakfast at SFFC!
Brought to you by 33 FullStop Breakfast Bar.

Available the last Sunday of each month (except June, see below), 0730 - 1130 hrs:
  • April 29th, 2018
  • May 27th, 2018
  • June 17th, 2018
  • July 29th, 2018
  • August 26th, 2018
  • September 30th, 2018
  • October 28th, 2018
There may be a few pop up dates depending on the flying weather, so keep watching!

COPA for Kids at the Smiths Falls Flying Club (Flight#100) on June 16th, 2018

On the morning of June 16th, COPA Flight #100 will again provide an introduction for Canadian youth into the world of general aviation. Introducing a young person to their first flight is one of the most rewarding missions our pilots and Club volunteers can do at the Smiths Falls aerodrome. Please do what you can on the 16th to help out.

Pilots and planes. If you are a COPA member and are current (5 year, 2 year and six month) with a valid medical, then please contact Brian Douglas by email (brian_douglas@hotmail.com) for details. Brian has already approached a number of pilots individually but we always need more planes and pilots.

Ground volunteers. We are still looking for dedicated people to help with registration, ground guides, parking and refreshments. If interested in donating a morning of your time, please contact Matt Philp by email (mphilp82@yahoo.ca) for details.

Young Aviators. Passengers need to be between 8 and 17 years of age to participate in this free flight. In addition to the 15-20 minute flight, the young aviators will receive a signed certificate and log book. Participants need to be registered in advance and sign a release form, so interested families should contact Brian Douglas by email (brian_douglas@hotmail.com) for details. Please help us pass the word to your friends and families.

Classified Ads
See our classified ads page for the latest:
  • Heated hangar space available at Brockville
  • Full or Half Share in 1974 Mooney M20F
  • Hangar space wanted for C-150.
  • Life raft and two immersion suits for sale.

An updated version of the SFFC Operational Procedures Guidance Manual is now available.

New Night Rating!

Despite the crazy winter weather this year, a very patient Gus Stringel completed the requirements for his night rating on March 3rd. He successfully completed his dual and solo night hours, as well as the additional instrument training (hood and simulator), to earn PIC privileges to fly at night.
A big congratulations from the FTU team and the entire Flying Club!