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    October 28/2018
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Duty Airport Manager

Fall 2018 Glider Operations at SFFC - Sharing the Skies Safely

On weekends at CYSH in September and October there will be Air Cadet glider operations conducting right hand circuits, making circuit traffic challenging.

When Air Cadet glider operations are in progress there is no “dead side” of the circuit. (Gliders and tow plane do right circuits). In this instance joining from the dead side of the circuit is potentially dangerous and should be avoided. On these days pilots should join straight into downwind, sufficiently upwind so as not to conflict with traffic in the circuit on upwind and crosswind legs. Of course gliders have traffic priority over powered aircraft.

Read more about safety in the circuit at CYSH.

Members' Fuel Discount

SFFC members receive a fuel discount. To apply for the discount, please complete the fuel discount form, and send it to cysh_fuel@mail.com.

Also, any members having issues with their discount should submit an email to cysh_fuel@mail.com, with details about the problems being encountered.

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Announcing Monthly Fly-in Breakfast at SFFC!
Brought to you by 33 FullStop Breakfast Bar.

Available the last Sunday of each month, 0730 - 1130 hrs:
  • October 28th, 2018
There may be a few pop up dates depending on the flying weather, so keep watching!

COPA for Kids at the Smiths Falls Flying Club (Flight#100)

A resounding success!
June 16th was a beautifully, sunny day as COPA Flight 100/Smiths Falls Flying Club safely introduced 95 children between the ages of 8 and 17 to the adventure of flight. The ten participating airplanes flew a total of 36 sorties, admirably assisted by the 26 ground support team members that kept the event fun, efficient and most of all, safe. The smiles on the children’s faces and the pride of the parents were all contagious.

You can read more about the event, and see additional pictures of our future aviators, as reported by Inside Ottawa Valley.

Classified Ads
See our classified ads page for the latest:
  • 1946 Globe Swift GC-1A
  • Two Vintage Champs for sale
  • Heated hangar space wanted for a Stinson 108.
  • Tee hangar wanted.
  • Heated hangar space available at Brockville.
  • Hangar space wanted for C-150.
  • Life raft and two immersion suits for sale.

An updated version of the SFFC Operational Procedures Guidance Manual is now available.

A flight to the cottage she will never forget!

C-GPTW: An appropriate name for the aircraft club member Kyle Cybulski flew on Sunday, September 30th, 2018 and surprised his girlfriend Tanya Wolfgram with a mid-flight proposal because as it turns out C-GPTW should be an acronym for "Cybulski-Gonna-Propose-To-Wolfgram". The couple departed CYSH around 9 am under high cloud ceilings and were treated to smooth air on-route to the family cottage on Lake Dore where, much to Tanya's surprise, the entire Wolfgram family and some friends were displaying a banner that read out "SAY YES!" Much to Kyle's delight she did say yes and it became a flight to forever be remembered. Special thank you to Ron Patterson and Brian Douglas for their support in preparing for this special flight.

How do you know when the Boyds are back in town?

Flying Safe at Smiths Falls - a Success Story!
In May, a sharp-eyed 11 year old did the Smiths Falls Flying Club proud when he spotted a visiting airplane on the runway back-tracking for takeoff with his pitot tube cover still affixed to the pitot tube. Adam Turaj, son of Club member Jakub Turaj, quickly pointed it out to his Dad. Jakub took action by using the Flight Training Unit’s radio to call the pilot and warn him of the potential danger. The pilot, needless to say, was most appreciative.

The Club would like to thank Jakub and Adam for their quick action to keep the Smiths Falls aerodrome safe for all.

3 PPL’s and a Plan
This past month three of our younger club members, Chris McKenney, Sonia Hildesheim, and Steph Theiler had the unbelievable opportunity to live out their PPL dreams, an across Canada tour! The three met this year in their Aviation Management program at Algonquin College, and since then have spent most days with their heads in the clouds dreaming about the fun things they could do with a plane and their licenses. Read more about their adventure after weeks of planning, and incredible support from the instructors and the flying club!