Gift Certificate

This gift certificate from ____________________
entitles _____________________ to a familiarization/instructional and sight seeing flight in a Cessna 172 aircraft at the Smiths Falls Flying Club.

You will be flying in the pilot's seat with a flight instructor and two friends, should you wish to fill all four seats in the aircraft.

Thank you for allowing us at the Smiths Falls Flying Club to provide you with the opportunity to experience the magic of flight over Big Rideau Lake !

Ron MacEwen

Ordering a Gift Certificate

To obtain more information and/or to purchase a Gift of Flight certificate please contact Ron MacEwen at the Smiths Falls Flying Club.
Phone: 613-283-1148
or email at

45 minutes: $127.20 + $16.54 HST = Total $143.74
60 minutes: $159.00 + $20.67 HST = Total $179.67