Training at Smiths Falls / Montague

The flight training unit at Smiths Falls / Montague operates three Cessna 172 aircraft, certified for VFR and IFR training. The airport offers a safe and efficient learning environment for flight training. Ground delays and long transits to training areas associated with larger airports are not problem here.

The flight instructors at the Smiths Falls Flying Club have many years of instructing experience gained on a wide variety of aircraft and roles including civil, military, aerobatic, instrument flight and international operations. They will do everything they can to make your training worthwhile and enjoyable.

Training is conducted during the week and on weekends according to arrangements made between the student and instructor.

Give the Gift of Flight!

Not sure if flying is in your future? Do you know someone who would be interested in flying, but hasn’t quite made up their mind? Then consider purchasing a Gift Certificate for a one-hour familiarization/instructional and sight seeing flight in a Cessna 172 aircraft at the Smiths Falls Flying Club.

You will be flying in the pilot’s seat with a flight instructor and two friends, should you wish to fill all four seats in the aircraft.
To obtain more information and/or to purchase a Gift of Flight certificate please contact the Flight Training Unit at the Smiths Falls Flying Club, by email at, or by phone at 613-283-1148.

The cost for 60 minutes is $237.30 (includes HST).

Ground School

Ground school at Smiths Falls / Montague is conducted online through