Pilot Resources

Fuel Price

We offer 100LL 24/7 and we accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

Aircraft Rentals

Please contact us if you plan to rent Club aircraft.

Aircraft Parking Fees

  • Aircraft parked on the field at CYSH more than 30 days must pay a monthly fee of $60.00 plus HST per month, due the beginning of each month.
  • Also owners of the aircraft having their aircraft at the field for more than 30 days must become a member of the Smiths Falls Flying Club.
  • There are no fees for airport parking for any period less than 30 days.


A Bit of Aviation History

For history buffs, The Cars, Tanks, and Airplanes of World War II website provides a little insight into the equipment used for troop and supply transport. Military vehicles became a key part of the fight to capture territory, supplies, and enemy soldiers. Whether in the air or on the ground, the cars, tanks, and airplanes used during World War II had a great impact on a nation’s ability to successfully campaign against the enemy.