COVID-19 Update

The Clubhouse and FTU are now open, with restrictions. These restrictions are in place to protect our members and their families.

Members who have travelled outside of Canada are asked not to attend the Club for a period of at least 14 days after returning to Canada. If you are feeling ill we ask that you do not come to the Club.

Non-essential travel from areas of high-transmission to areas of low transmission should be avoided.

There is a limit of 10 people in the Clubhouse at any time.

Face coverings are required in the Clubhouse.

Hands must be washed or sanitized. Hand sanitizer stations are located at entrances and exit to the Clubhouse. Sink and soap available in the Museum and in the washrooms.

You MUST sign in and complete the contract tracing form upon entry to the Clubhouse. Once per day only.

Non-essential travel from areas of high-transmission to areas of low transmission should be avoided.

Physical distancing of 2 metres, or 6 feet, must be maintained.

We have defined the main door as the Entrance. The FTU door is the Exit door. Please abide by this to ensure physical distancing.

Additional restrictions regarding the FTU:

  1. All those using the Club aircraft must have their own headset.
  2. Face covering and eye protection are required in all aircraft with dual instruction.
  3. Club aircraft and FTU office disinfecting protocol must be followed as set out by the FTU.

We ask that you respect your fellow members by maintaining the Pandemic restrictions as set out by the Smiths Falls Flying Club.

Pilot Resources

Fuel Price

  • 100LL (24/7) $1.96 per litre (incl. 13% HST)
  • We accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

Aircraft Parking Fees

  • Aircraft parked on the field at CYSH more than 30 days must pay a monthly fee of $60.00 plus HST per month, due the beginning of each month.
  • Also owners of the aircraft having their aircraft at the field for more than 30 days must become a member of the Smiths Falls Flying Club.
  • There are no fees for airport parking for any period less than 30 days.


New NOTAM Format

  • Nav Canada has introduced a new domestic NOTAM format, which now conforms to the international standard of the ICAO.  Practically for GA pilots, the new format will contain mostly the same information but just presented in a different order.