Recreational Pilot Licence

Holding a recreational pilot’s permit (RPP) allows you to be pilot-in-command of single engine airplanes that have been designed to carry no more than four persons. As well,

  • you can carry a maximum of one passenger;
  • you can be the pilot-in-command of an ultra-light airplane;
  • you can obtain a seaplane rating; and
  • you must fly during the day using visual flight rules (VFR) only.

Minimum Training Requirements:

Student must be at least 14 years of age and meet medical category 4 requirements, which generally requires only a self-declaration attested to by your personal physician..

Applicant must obtain not less than 60% in each of four mandatory subject areas of the Transport Canada Recreational Pilot written examination.

A minimum of 25 hours of flight training of which:

  • 15 hours shall be dual instruction
  • 2 hours dual cross country
  • 5 hours solo flight time
  • The applicant must be 16 years of age to obtain the permit.
  • Pass a flight test with a Transport Canada Examiner