Smiths Falls Flying Club Membership is required for Flight Training and any of the other Club benefits including hangar space rental, hangar ownership, and fuel discount.

Please note that our Club is the operator of the Smiths Falls Montague Russ Beach Airport, and members are expected to volunteer in some aspect of the Club or Airport operations.

Membership and the Flight Training Unit

Membership is required prior to using our Flight Training Unit. This includes:

  • RPL Training
  • PPL Training
  • Ratings
  • Currency checks
  • Rentals

Ask about our Introductory Flight available to those unsure about starting flight training. For more information please contact us via email at

Membership and our Airport

Membership is required prior to:

  • Hangar ownership
  • Hangar construction
  • Rental space within a member-owned hangar
  • Long term Aircraft Tie down on the field
  • Fuel discount with Board approval

Membership rates (effective October 8, 2020)

Memberships are due yearly from January 1 to December 31.

Active Voting Membership

$150.00 + HST = $169.50

This fee includes 13% HST Effective January 1 to December 31 each calendar year. New members who join between October 1 to December 31 will have membership to December 31 of the following year. This fee is NOT pro-rated.

Family Membership

$185.00 + HST= $209.05

Fee includes 13% HST and family members reside at the same address as the Active member. These fees are NOT pro-rated.

Student Membership

$50.00 + HST= $56.50

This fee includes 13% HST This membership is prorated at July 1 to 50% for a total of $28.25 including HST.