Sky Lounge

Winter has finally arrived in Eastern Ontario and with that begins winter operations at the Smiths Falls (Montague) Airport. The 2019-2020 Volunteer Snow Team has been assembled, and are responsible for maintaining and clearing the runways, taxiways and apron. The Snow Team are a volunteer group and therefore there may be delays in getting the airport cleared during heavy winter snowfalls, your cooperation and patience is requested during the winter months. Members are reminded to check NOTAMs for Runway Surface Condition (RSC) Reports for the status of the Runway and Apron.  

Infield Aircraft Parking

Please ensure all aircraft parked on the infield are at least 100ft from the edge of the taxiway to accommodate snow clearing.  All aircraft that are currently parked closer than 100ft are urged to move your aircraft as soon as possible prior to a heavier accumulation of snow. 

Care of Club Equipment

Please ensure that no objects are left on surfaces that will be cleared by snow equipment, including ramp areas and areas in front of hangars. Over the weekend a set of aircraft chocks were left on the ramp in front of the hangar and due to the snow were not visible, the chocks were ingested and damage was done to the snow-blower.

In accordance with the Rules & Regulations, Members are reminded that personal use of Club equipment (ie blower/tractor etc…) for personal clearing of snow is prohibited unless permission is granted by the Airport Management Team. 

Cold Weather Operations (FTU SOP)

 Engine pre-heat: All SFFC Aircraft are equipped with engine heaters. Use of these heaters is mandatory when temperature is 0 C or colder. When authorized for a cross country the PIC should ensure that both an extension cord and cowl cover are carried, and the heater used. Otherwise the PIC must ensure that the engine is pre-heated by some other means. When temperatures are consistently below freezing SFFC aircraft will be “plugged-in” continuously to avoid temperature cycling the engine which may introduce moisture into the crankcase.

Engine start: SFFC aircraft engines shall not be started in temperatures colder than minus 25 C .

Flight Training: The minimum temperature for dual or solo flying is minus 20 C. Practice forced approaches shall not be conducted in temperatures below 0 C unless a reduced power simulation of 1500 RPM and ½ flap is used.